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LLC " Fragrances Factory “FABAROM "

The limited liability company "Fragrances Factory “FABAROM " was registered on June 10, 2016. Prior to that, the company was a manufacturing division of Faberon.

The technological laboratory of our company develops new flavors according to the customer's specifications, taking into account individual preferences, searching for individual solutions, and participating in the development of a new product in the client's production. Technologists provide expert advice on the use of our products.

We provide a wide selection of flavors, complex additives and food ingredients for various segments of the food industry. These are multifunctional additives and flavor-aromatic mixtures for the meat-processing industry, as well as stabilizers, emulsifiers and other food ingredients which are used in the production of meat products. In addition, the production produces mixtures and additives for processed cheese, red and white sauces, snacks and chips, culinary ready-made first and second courses, for production of various seasonings, dry broths.

We provide technological support with the departure of our technologists for trial work and the opportunity to work with clients on the basis of our own laboratory. For our customers, we prepare the necessary documentation for flavors and complex food additives: specifications, declarations of compliance, certificates of state registration of the Single Customs Union.

The raw materials for our mixtures are separate functional ingredients from Europe and China. Natural spices, essential oils and oil-resins from India. Flavors of European manufacturers. All these components we use not only in our production, but also offer them to our customers.

The geography of our deliveries includes not only Moscow and the Central Region, but also other regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

The limited liability company "Fragrances Factory “FABAROM " in December 2016 became a full member of the “Union of Manufacturers of Food Ingredients”.

The company "FABAROM" is focused on satisfying the needs of domestic producers. The main distinguishing feature of our production is the quality and varied palette of flavors and aromas of our mixes.   

Functional and flavor-aromatic additives, food mixtures, seasonings for the food industry
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