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Our offer

Each product arises from the imagination of a person, his thoughts, ideas. You come up with a new taste for a new product, but you face the problem of embodying your idea.

We will help you to solve this problem. We will develop and create the flavor and aroma you need. We will translate your idea into a specific product.

After we receive an order from you, we proceed to develop. Together with you we design the taste and aroma of the future product. Using the widest range of European flavors, we select the necessary fragrances to create a new unique mixture. We compose a combination of fragrances, supplement the composition with extracts of spices, introduce individual functional ingredients. At each stage we make testing and adjustment.

Each mixture is processed in production conditions. All the features and nuances of the technological process are taken into account. And only after the completion of all testing stages, a new flavor-aromatic mixture is approved and introduced into the recipe of the new product. Professional work at all stages of development is embodied in an attractive, memorable, tasty work of food art. Our job is to make the product unique and memorable! All our knowledge, experience, strength is for your success and for our customer!

Functional and flavor-aromatic additives, food mixtures, seasonings for the food industry
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